Busy Making Equipment

I’ve been busy this week making reversible bottom boards for beehives. We sell these for $20 apiece. Of course we use them on our own beehives. If we do not sell any, that is no problem because we can always use them at some point. We have sold quite a few, and our customers say they like the quality of our equipment.

The design is by Gerrit Westover. One side provides a 1/2 inch entrance, and the other side provides a 3/8 inch entrance. He did all the cuts by table saw, and I did the assembling. They are glued (Titebond III waterproof wood glue) and then stapled with a staple gun. All of them are homemade. It’s time for me to take a break now. I have a big blister on my thumb from hammering the boards into the slots with a rubber mallet. As you can imagine, we used quite a bit of lumber in making these.

We also sell deep boxes (unassembled), frames (unassembled), beeswax foundation, telescoping covers with sheet metal tops, and inner covers with shims. Pretty much everything you need to put together a beehive except for the bees. When we get enough untreated small cell bees in the future, we plan to sell complete hives with the bees, ready to go, but that won’t be for a while. Right now we’re just selling equipment.

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