Another Swarm

My youngest son and I drove down to Katy, Texas, and picked up a nice big swarm this morning. The homeowner got them to go into a cardboard box and set it at the side of their house, so all we had to do/could do was just pick up the box and bring it back to College Station. They had cut a little entrance hole in the box and the early morning bees were starting to orient, so we had to leave a few behind, but it was a nice heavy swarm. We put it on honey super cell (HSC) that we had smeared honey into the center frames, a queen excluder underneath to keep the queen from leaving, and they seem to be doing fine. So in one month and one week, that’s one cut-out from a tree and two swarms since returning to central Texas. It’s an hour drive to Katy, but we need the bees. Going to Austin to pick up 5 nucs this weekend and do a removal in Brenham too.

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